Highest societal degree will be free up to the newest third height [post-additional student education]

Highest societal degree will be free up to the newest third height [post-additional student education]

Blog post 356. Admittance so you’re able to societal institutions off higher education might be controlled by the a style of a card equivalency and you can admission program, due to the fact outlined legally.

Free tuition might be connected to the academic obligation of one’s children. Aside from its social or private character, equivalence away from possibilities regarding access, permanence, passage and you can graduation shall be guaranteed, with the exception of the brand new charging out-of tuition independently education.

The newest distinct tuition and you will registration costs in state-of-the-art private training shall make the most of elements such scholarships and grants, loans, entry quotas while some making it you’ll to make certain social consolidation and collateral throughout the of many size.

Article 357. The state shall ensure the capital out of public establishments off highest knowledge. Public colleges and polytechnic colleges can make additional sourced elements of cash adjust its instructional possibilities, spend money on search and you will granting scholarships and grants and you can finance, hence will perhaps not include one cost otherwise fees just in case you sit in 3rd-peak degree [post-supplementary undergraduate education]. New shipping of them tips is going to be established essentially on the top quality and other criteria place by law. The law should handle tech advisory functions, asking functions and those that cover choice sourced elements of money to possess universities and you will polytechnic universities, whether or not societal otherwise personal.

Medical care as a public-service are considering as a consequence of state, personal, independent, and you may area institutions, as well as those people that habit solution and you can complementary ancestral medicine

Post 358. This new federal fitness program would be aimed at guaranteeing the development, coverage, and healing regarding capabilities and possibility of a wholesome and you may integral lifestyle, both private and cumulative, and shall recognize public and you will cultural range. The device should be governed by general prices of federal program away from societal introduction and you will guarantee and also by the ones from bioethics, adequacy and you can interculturalism, that have a gender and age bracket strategy.

Making certain sexual and you will reproductive health strategies and you can properties and you may promising the integral health care and also the life of feminine, especially during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum

Article 359. The fresh national health system should be composed of establishments, software, regulations, information, tips, and professionals inside fitness; it will cover most of the size of the ability to wellness; they will guarantee the promotion, avoidance, healing and you will treatment of the many membership; also it will encourage personal involvement and you can societal monitoring.

Blog post 360. The system shall guarantee, through the organizations that define they, the brand new campaign out of nearest and dearest and you may area wellness, cures and you can integrated worry, based on first medical care; they will articulate certain degrees of worry; and it also will give complementariness that have ancestral and you will solution medicines.

New comprehensive societal medical care network is going to be area of the federal wellness system and you may should be made up of the new matched up group of county organizations, personal protection or other service providers belonging toward State into the basis from courtroom, operational and you can subservient links.

Post 361. The state should take action management of your own system from national wellness government, is accountable for national wellness policymaking, and will put standards to own, regulate and you will monitor the wellness-associated points, together with doing work out of business entities.

Post 362. Health care qualities might be safe, of a high quality, and you may civilized plus they will be sure told concur, usage of pointers, and privacy of your pointers of patients.

Personal county fitness services should be common and you will complimentary after all degrees of worry and you will should is requisite steps out-of medical diagnosis, treatment, pills and you can treatment.

Post 363. The official shall be responsible for: step 1. Drafting social procedures that ensure the promotion, cures, recovery, rehabilitation and you will supply off inbuilt health care as well as the cultivating off fit practices in the nearest and dearest, at work, and also in the https://brightwomen.net/ukrainska-kvinnor/ city. dos. Universalizing medical care, permanently boosting quality, and you may enlarging publicity. 3. Increase county health care functions, including people talent, and you may providing bodily system and you may devices so you can public wellness associations. cuatro. Guaranteeing ancestral and you will choice wellness techniques because of the accepting, valuing and producing the aid of the studies, medicines and tools. 5. Getting formal care so you can groups demanding priority interest because delivered to in the Composition. 6. seven. Promising the new availability and you can use of quality, effective and safe pills, controlling the sales, and promoting the latest national manufacturing and employ of common medication that meet up with the epidemiological demands of your own society. When it comes to use of drug, social fitness interests shall prevail more than monetary and you will industrial appeal. 8. Promoting the newest integrated growth of wellness professionals.